Episode 50 Protocol Fatigue + Sustainability

I run into two scenarios all.the.time. Scenario #1: Someone has been working through a protocol with me for some period of time–a week, a month, 6 months–and they run into what I call “protocol fatigue.” They just don’t want to do new things anymore. They want it all to go back to how it was. They’re so close to being fully healed, but their brains are self-sabotaging.

Scenario #2. Someone comes to me for the very first time. They are all ready to tell me the whole story of everything they’ve ever tried, and why they aren’t going to do any of those things any more. They want a program that’s “sustainable.”

This episode is a love note to my clients who are in the middle of protocol fatigue, and all those gals out there who think they’ve tried it all.

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