Ep 153 Benefits of Nose-to-Tail Eating with Chef James Barry

On this episode of the podcast, I interview chef-to-the-stars James Barry, who’s cooked for folks like Tom Cruise, Mariska Hartigay, and George Clooney. Chef James turned his passion for flavor into a phenomenal superfood, Pluck seasoning, a first-of-its-kind blend based on organ meats. I started using Pluck personally the second I heard about it, and have been sneaking nutrients into my family with it ever since. On this episode, we talk about everything from how eating liver fixed my PMS (really!) to how to get nutrients into picky eaters, and why nose-to-tail eating is key to a sustainable food system. Amazing conversation with a truly amazing human.

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Follow Chef James and Pluck on Instagram: instagram.com/chefjamesbarry and instagram.com/eatpluck

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