Ep 156 How to Handle Uncomfortable Health Conversations

One of the most common experiences of women wanting to change something in their health is the uncomfortable feeling of either not “fitting in” with her old group, whether friends or family, disliking making change because of the questions it brings, or just not wanting to draw attention to being different. This can be highlighted during the holidays, but it can also come up any time of year. On this episode, a tool for when you feel “pinned” or frozen by someone’s questions, whether they mean it that way or not. This tool comes from unrivaled expert Kasia Urbaniak, who you can learn more about from her book, Unbound: A Woman’s Guide to Power https://www.amazon.com/Unbound-Womans-Guide-Kasia-Urbaniak/dp/0593084519 and her website, https://www.kasiaurbaniak.com/the-academy


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