Ep 168 How to Heal Your Adrenals to go from Surviving to Thriving with Dr. Izabella Wentz

Bone-level fatigue, what is sometimes known as adrenal fatigue, can also look like feeling downright bitchy, or having trouble sleeping even when you’re tired, or feeling “tired but wired.” That’s where my guest today comes in.

Today’s guest is Dr. Izabella Wentz. Izabella Wentz is known as “the thyroid pharmacist” and she has written multiple NY Times bestselling books all about thyroid health.

Her new book, The Adrenal Protocol, is all about going from just surviving to actually thriving. We talked about her personal journey, whether you have to give up coffee or take a thousand supplements, what sort of testing to consider, and why conventional endocrinologists unfortunately DON’T take adrenal issues seriously.

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