Ep 169 The Magic of Algae for Energy with Catharine Arnston

You might have heard of Catharine Arnston because she appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank. And even though she didn’t walk away with winning the show, she certainly has a winning PRODUCT. Everyone from elite athletes to everyday moms swears by the energy enhancing effects of her flagship products, ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits.

Catharine and I talk about the history of algae all the way back from when it was used as warrior food in the ancient Americas to when the Rockafellers invested in researching it after WWII.

This is a non-stop interview backed with both Catherine’s energy and thousands of papers investigating the benefits of spirulina and chlorella. On a personal note, I have been taking the RECOVERY bits at night, and my Whoop has consistently been showing me getting into more restorative sleep, so for my n=1 experiment, I have a winner!

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