Ep 160 The Mouth – Hormone Connection with Sara Mercier

Are you tired when you wake up in the morning? Have you been told you snore? Do you grind your teeth? Do you ever find yourself breathing with your mouth open? These symptoms could be reflections of a hidden disorder that’s hiding in plain sight and causing problems with everything from your hormones to your ability to focus: myofunctional disorders, or how the mouth and jaw function. Myofunctional disorderes impact not just airways, but a ton of other functions in your body!Today’s guest is Sara Mercier, and she’s a Certified Myofunctional Airway Specialist here to school us on all things mouth, jaw, and breathing.
Find her on her wildly popular TikTok channel, https://www.tiktok.com/@healthymouth_healthylife
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/healthymouth_healthylife/
Website http://revealmyotherapy.com/

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