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Health Transformation Program

Are You Ready to Transform?

Want to know what working with me is REALLY all about? In one word: transformation. I won’t settle for less, and neither should you. Your body has been talking to you–maybe for years–and you know it. Maybe you’re struggling with a chronic disease or unresolved medical issue. Maybe you’ve been to 2 or 20 doctors or specialists, with no real answers, or only getting halfway to resolution. Maybe you’ve been going along, trying to ignore the messages, but now they’re too loud to ignore any longer. You want your mood, energy, and mojo back. You need to transform the way you engage with yourself, your body, and your health. Because the BEST you is IN THERE, just waiting to come out. Let’s find the keys to unlock that person, together. 

Together we’ll help you open into:
• Renewed energy
• Decreased inflammation
• Finding the foods that work best for your own body chemistry
• Better sleep
• Clearing the brain fog
• Feeling good in your own skin
• Finally identifying the root cause of chronic symptoms so your body can actually heal

Program Elements

• Kiss the traditional hurried, assembly-line-style 7-minute medical appointment goodbye. Your comprehensive initial evaluation sequence takes place over two sessions. Before your first visit, you’ll fill out an in-depth health history form and online nutritional assessment questionnaire. During your initial appointment, I’ll review your “health story” with you, provide feedback, and make initial lab test recommendations. During your second session, we’ll lay out the in-depth road map for our time together, so you always know exactly what the plan is.
• Follow-up consultations – In-depth strategy sessions at the beginning of each step in your care plan, with check-in sessions in between to ensure you have everything needed for success (via phone or video). 
• Action plans following each visit. I’ll give you steps to take, things to think about and consider, and resources to explore before our next consultation.
• Messaging support between consultations. Get answers to all of your questions.
• My proven, step-by-step program to get at the roots of your symptoms and start feeling better fast.
• Lumen metabolic tracker : This cutting-edge technology allows us to understand your body’s fuel usage with just a breath.
• Health tracking and feedback via Better, an app you can access on  your phone or computer. Rest into knowing that you’re on the right path with expert support.
• Full individually customized supplement protocol.
• 15% off all professional line supplements.

Payment Options

• Single installment: $2997

• PayPal credit: 6 months no payments, no interest. 

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