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Work with Me

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The Bitch Fix in Six:
Six Steps to Happy Hormones

The Bitch Fix in Six is a fully supported six-step program to help you heal your hormones–naturally. By taking simple actions each week, you gently bring your body back into alignment, without relying on synthetic hormones like the birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy. 

In the process, you take back control of your body and the powerful healing capacities innate within it, rather than putting one more bandaid on your symptoms. You can finally feel WELL. And when you have your mood, energy, and mojo back, you can finally live the badass life you were designed for. 

1-1 Deep Dive Coaching

When we work together 1-1, you have me 100% in your corner. We dive deep using tools like functional lab work, health history, and online assessments, to uncover hidden treasures and root causes to your symptoms, then we get super dialed in to re-charge and SUPER-charge your batteries! Using my proven step-by-step approach, we’ll get you feeling like yourself again.


20 Minute Free Consultation

Not sure where to begin? Let’s talk it out.

If you’re tired of feeling tired, irritable, bloated, and brain foggy….basically a hormonal hot mess, I’ve got a soft spot for you to land on. Whether you just have All.the.symptoms, OR you have a diagnosed condition (PCO’s, endometriosis, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, etc) we’re going to get to the bottom of it. I can’t wait to spend 20 minutes diving deep and really LISTENING so we can make a plan for you to finally start feeling like yourself again.


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Stop making metabolic mistakes!




The Bitch Fix Podcast

The Bitch Fix is a show for women who want to get off the hormone rollercoaster and find health, happiness, and healing using holistic strategies, nutrition, and mindset.

The Bitch Fix in Six


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